So Iran & China sign a $400B, 25-year deal that permanently ends USD shortages for both countries...& less than 10 days later, Iran attacks Saudi w/incredible precision?

What is this, an episode of MacGyver? ("Well, I just happen to have some bubble gum & rubber bands!")

On a first look, it count at least five spheroids hit, and probably five stabilisation towers too (out of 18). It’s quite amazing the precision of the hits on the spheroids | #OOTT

I'll be jumping on Periscope at 7p NYC time to talk about 2 Things that Grabbed My Attention Recently. Lots to talk about, so please drop some questions below if you'd like, I'll try to answer them on a best efforts basis. Hope to see you then! LG

china buying oil in yuan, but if oil surges to $100, they gonna be printing 800 yuan per barrel and the Saudis will be immediately dumping it in HK for gold

Brent $100, XAU $1800, DXY 110

Catch-22: If American keeps using its sanctions superpower, it will also cause the USD to lose its role as the world’s #1 currency.

Brothers & best friends.

Senior & sophomore homecoming, Cleveland St. Ignatius HS.

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We're threatening to sanction in 1 form or another basically the entirety of Eurasia + the biggest oil producer in Latin America, into a massive withdrawal of USD liquidity, yet DXY is struggling to hold 98?

Seems like we're missing the rest of the story - where's Paul Harvey?

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#ECB actions are moving the growth needle. But what does global currency stimulus mean for the US dollar #DX_Y?

"All eyes shift to the #Fed," says @LukeGromen:

MacroVoices @ErikSTownsend and @PatrickCeresna welcome @JeffSnider_AIP and @LukeGromen to the show to discuss the impact of changing Eurodollar markets, the global dollar liquidity shortage and the future changes in global reserve currencies & more.

@tyillc @Halsrethink Some think of present IMS as a "non-system" and co sider the time since 71 as a continuous Crisis management.

Russia will borrow in euros or yuan in 2020, not in dollars, says finance minister:

@LukeGromen Yeah, I was thinking about this the other day - EURUSD tends to bottom out as TSY-Bund spread is reversed, as in there's a premium to Bunds and if Fed cuts faster than people think, while negativity in Bunds retreats, the spread collapses. A big deal for FX for sure.

We are seeing metal leaving Hong Kong and London and moving to other geographic locations. We've added a new vault in Germany and another in Singapore to serve our global clients. 15 vaults now available with a click of a button for physical deposits and redemptions of bullion.

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