Superbubble is about the end of the current international monetary system, and the transition to a new one. It’s the best way I see to understand the wave of political, cultural and economic strife besetting the planet. Key ideas:
• The next global financial crisis has already started.
• This crisis will end the US dollar’s role as world reserve currency.
• There are good reasons to be optimistic about these changes.


I have no official credentials in geopolitics, macroeconomics or related fields. I am not a Ph.D. economist, a financial insider, or a retired central banker. As we cannot rely on my reputation, track record, or job-title, we will have to use our brains to see if the story told here makes more sense than what is offered by more established sources.

I write the story to test its truth. I don’t mind being wrong. As humans, we are easily deluded and seek confirmation for our beliefs, so time will be the best test for the accuracy of this narrative.


These ideas are not mine. I am grateful to those more experienced and better educated in international finance, economic history, and geopolitics. Among them:

Adam Fergusson • Adam le Bor • Ahamed Liaquat  • Another/FOA • Alan Greenspan • Benn Steil • Charles P. Kindlberger  • David Graeber • Dr Zhou Xiaochuan • Edward Luce • FOFOA • Grant Williams • Harald Malmgren • Henry Kissinger • Irving Fischer • James Rickards • Jaques Rueff • Jeff Snider • Jelle Zijlstra • Luke Gromen • Mortymer • Niall FergusonNomi Prins • Ray Dalio • Ronan Manly • Richard Duncan • Richard Werner • Russell Napier • Sergei Glazev • Halford Mackinder • Stephanie Kelton • Victor the Cleaner • Yanis Varoufakis • Yuval Noah Harari • WikiLeaks • William Engdahl • Zbigniew Brzezinski

(This list does not imply endorsement of anyone’s views or actions. Nor does it mean anyone listed would endorse what I write.)